Pet-Friendly Weed Control

Many Clean Air Lawn Care franchisees became owners because they know there’s a better way to do lawn care. They know that toxic chemicals aren’t necessary to grow a green, lush lawn. In fact, all of our owners are trained and educated in soil and turf science, so they understand that synthetic chemicals actually diminish lawn and soil health. That’s why they use bio-based, bee- and pet-friendly weed control instead of synthetic chemicals. This approach to lawn care has been proven safe and effective over years of experience. From your lawn to your family and pets, our organic and pet-safe lawn care service makes health a priority.


Bee- and Pet-Friendly Weed Control

Tired of putting pets, kids, and pollinators at risk when you’re trying to kill weeds? Give Clean Air Lawn Care’s pet-friendly weed control a try. Unlike conventional synthetic chemical herbicides, our pet-safe weed killer weakens and kills weeds without harming your dog, kids, or lawn in the process. You don’t have to choose between a healthy lawn and a healthy pet. With the Clean Air Lawn Care organic weed control program, you can have both. Ready to make your community safer for pets, kids, and pollinators? Contact us for more information about your local organic lawn care or becoming a green franchise owner.

honeybee on a flower

Our Proprietary Pet-Safe Weed Killer:
Moose Juice

Named after our Clean Air Lawn Care mascot, Monty Moose, “Moose Juice” is our proprietary and pet-safe weed killer recipe. It’s used by franchise owners nationwide to safely weaken and kill weeds in lawns without harming the soil or ecosystem. Moose Juice is often used as a spot-spray, but can also be used as a selective weed control treatment that doesn’t harm grass.

Kid-, Bee- and Pet-Safe

Whether it’s the pets and kids playing on the lawn, the pollinators that frequent the flowers, or the microscopic microbes living in the soil, we want to encourage healthy life, not disrupt it. Clean Air Lawn Care is dedicated to pet-safe lawn care that does no harm. Our electric and organic lawn care approach is science-based and safe for pets, pollinators, and kids.

It can be a challenge to find a safe weed control option, but Moose Juice fits the bill. It targets the weed with natural, bio-based ingredients that effectively disrupt the weed’s ability to grow.


Moose Juice was created by the Clean Air Lawn Care Colorado Springs owner, Steve Moll. After years of research and fine-tuning, Steve came up with a weed killer recipe that is both effective and safe for pets, pollinators, kids, and wildlife. Steve is one of the first-ever Clean Air Lawn Care franchise owners and has been an integral part of the franchise’s organic treatment planning and training ever since. He’s a great example of how a single franchise owner can implement large-scale change throughout the entire lawn care industry with green innovation.

How Does Bee- and Pet-Safe Weed Killer Work?

Moose Juice pet-safe weed killer works thanks to a proprietary blend of iron-based and acidic ingredients. These ingredients work together to weaken, burn, stress, and kill weeds. Weeds dry up, turn black and eventually die. While it may take a few applications to eradicate the weeds in your lawn, you’ll notice the effects within hours of the first treatment.

Iron-based selective weed killers have been a proven pet-safe way to kill weeds without killing turf for several years. However, they leave a lot to be desired, and we want only the best for our franchise owners and customers. Moose Juice creator, Steve Moll, noticed that the iron-based selective weed killers simply weren’t doing enough. He found that he could get the best results when he combined the perfect ratio of iron-based and acidic ingredients with soil conditioners.  Clean Air Lawn Care franchise owners across the country use Moose Juice and agree that the balanced combination of weed control ingredients leads to the optimum weed-killing recipe.

That’s why we use a blend that combines a variety of bee- and pet-safe ingredients that work together to kill weeds. How does it work? Essentially, the iron disrupts the weed’s ability to photosynthesize and grow through iron oxidization, while the acidic ingredients destroy the plant’s cell structure. The combination effectively, but safely, kills the weed.

Moose Juice is a proprietary recipe, so you won’t find anything like it in stores or offered by other lawn care companies. 

Our Organic Weed Control Program

Combine the Clean Air Lawn Care weed control program with a fertilizer program and you’ll get a lush, healthy, and safe lawn. Our fertilizer and weed control programs are focused on building and maintaining healthy soils. Healthy soils grow healthy grass, and healthy grass resists disease and weeds. Healthy, organically grown lawns are also more environmentally friendly, thanks to their increased ability to capture carbon and host a healthy soil microbiome. You can learn more about our approach to keeping lawns healthy and weed-free here.

Your weed control program will depend on your location, as different regions require different approaches. However, expect to have three to four weed control treatment applications starting in early spring. Repeat applications are necessary to completely kill weeds. The Moose Juice recipe isn’t as harsh as synthetic herbicides, so it does take a bit more time to work completely. However, you will see weeds weakening immediately. You’ll notice dandelions and other broadleaf weeds drying up and even blackening within hours of your first treatment. Ask your local franchise owner about their pet-safe weed control program today!

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